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Hand Unit HU75

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Product info

Download Manual HU 75 (Hand Unit)

With the hand unit you can work locally every part of the body. Controlling the frequency it has a relaxing or stimulating effect.

Hand Unit

Usage manual

For maximum benefit, you should ideally apply a day for 15 to 20 minutes or longer.
Adjust to the level that suits you and you find most beneficial and comfortable.

How to use the Hand Unit?

The following series of photographs shows how the Hand Unit can be used in a variety of positions for therapeutic effects and relief from a range conditions.

Increasing leg circulation:
HU op de dijen
Fig. 5: Upperleg.

HU op de knieën
Fig. 6: Knees.
HU op de dijen
Fig. 7: Upperleg.
Feet and arms:
HU onder de voeten
Fig. 8: Feets.
HU op de bovenarm
Fig. 9: Arms.
HU op de buik
Fig. 10: Abdomen.
Chest and shoulders:
HU op de borstkas
Fig. 11: Chest.
HU op de schouder
Fig. 12: Shoulder
For better results also try the Cyclo-Therapy Hand Unit with a CSTP pad:
combination of HU and CSTP pad on upper leg and shoulder
Fig. 13: Upper leg and shoulder.
combination of the HU and CSTP pad on feet and abdomen
Fig. 14: Feet and abdomen

Operating instructions

Operation of the Hand Unit
Fig. 3: Control knob.

The Hand Unit has a control knob (fig.3) with four positions and an electrical cable of +/- 3,5 m. is double insulated.

Before the Hand Unit will operate, it must be plugged into the mains. The Hand Unit has one simple control, located at the tail end. To switch on the Hand Unit, turn the control knob clockwise. To increase the speed, turn the knob further round.

Four positions on the side of the tail end are:


To stop the Hand Unit turn the control knob fully anticlockwise until a click from the built in switch is felt and pointer in opposite “O” for off.

There is a rubber cup attachment included with the Hand Unit. It will be attached to the neck of the unit.

The rubber cup is for application to bony areas and for fascial massage.


Technical Information

230 V
50 Hz
power motor
45 W
Range frequency speed
20 to 100 Hz
  • Length: 265 mm
  • Diameter: 70 mm
1,250 kg
Double insulated

Spare parts

frequency controller
rubber cup
rubber cable run
motor unit (empty box)
motor DC