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Importer and distributor of cyclo-massage equipments.

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About Niagara Import

Niagara devices.

We distribute massagers of Niagara's brand.

You can find us for Hand Units and Super Deluxe Therapy Pads SDTP (massage–pads), since 2016 replaced by the Circulation Stimulation Therapy Pad CSTP.

Niagara devices were introduced in Belgium in 1967.

Since 1991 Niagara Import handles the distribution of Niagara appliances in Belgium.

The purpose of the Niagara devices

  • Hand Unit on the knee.
  • Hand Unit on a shoulder.
  • An arm on the pad.
  • The knees on the pad while lying down.
  • Combination of knee and arm.

The Circulation Stimulation Therapy Pad (CSTP) and the Niagara Hand Unit type HU75 are used for Cyclo-Therapy (cyclodial vibration therapy). The CSTP pad has been designed for people with lower leg circulation problems due to chronic illness or disability such as diabetes, vascular conditions and high blood pressure.

Clinical studies have shown that Cyclo-Therapy increases circulation, reduce pain and assist muscle relaxation.

As a result the CSTP pad can:

We should emphasise that Cyclo-Therapy is not a cure for the cause of these conditions but it can do much to help alleviate the symptoms associated with them. It is designed to complement the range of current therapies available. Its use can always be discussed with a health care professional if you feel necessary. You should not discontinue any current therapies without seeking professional advice.

The Cyclo Therapy should not used in the following circumstances if you have any of the following conditions:


Cyclo-Therapy is a Cycloidal Vibration Massage therapy. The unique eccentric motor produces an elliptical movement rather like a gyroscope. This ultimately creates cyclodial vibration with a multi-directional, three way wave, moving North/South, East/West and in a circular direction all at the same time. Cycloidal Vibration is a mechanical form of oscillation vibration producing a three dimensional movement of varying magnitude longitudinal, vertical and transverse to the vibrating surface (fig.1 and 2).

It has a frequency range of between 5 Hz and 105 Hz and an amplitude range of between 0,02 mm and 1,40 mm.

This results in a gentle but deep - penetrating massage with a multitude of therapeutic benefits with no known harmful effects.

Three dimensional circular movement
Figure 1: Three dimensional circular movement.
Three dimensional circular wave
Figure 2: Three dimensional circular wave.


Hospitals, examples Dendermonde, Antwerpen, Veurne, Oostende, Zottegem, Brugge enz.
but also physiotherapists, the healthcare, Beauty institutes and Individuals.