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Importer and distributor of cyclo-massage equipments.

CSTP massagekussen (nieuw model sinds 2016)

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Product info

Download Manual Niagara Therapy pad Type CSTP

With the Therapy pad you can treath larger areas of the body. The user don't need to hold the pad but simply puts it in the back, under the legs, or other parts of the body. It can be used in the sofa or even in bed.

Massage Pad

Usage manual

For maximum benefit, you should ideally apply a day for 20 to 30 minutes or longer.
Adjust to the level that suits you and you find most beneficial and comfortable

For blood circulation and swelling reduction:

To increase circulation and for swelling reduction set the level between 2 and 4.

For pain reduction and muscle relaxation:

Lower levels of 2 to 5 are preferred to help muscle relaxation, pain relief, and general therapeutic benefit.
Higher levels of 5 plus may suit others for pain relief or muscle stimulation but should be used for short periods of time for less than 20 to 30 minutes.

How to use the CSTP pad?:

The following series of photographs shows how the CSTP pad can be used in a variety of positions for therapeutic effects and relief from a range conditions.

Increasing leg circulation:
CSTP therapy pad on upper leg and knees
Upper leg and knees.
CSTP therapy pad on lower leg and knees
Lower leg and knees.
CSTP therapy pad on lower leg and ankle
Lower leg and ankle.
CSTP therapy pad on arches
CSTP therapy pad on Flat
Back and abdomen:
CSTP therapy pad on back
CSTP therapy pad on abdomen
Back in sitting position:
CSTP therapy pad on lower back
Lower back.
CSTP therapy pad on upper back and shoulder
Upper back and shoulder.
Hands and arms:
CSTP therapy pad on underarms
CSTP therapy pad on upper arms and armpit
Upper arms and armpit.
For better results also try the CSTP pad with a Cyclo-Therapy Hand Unit:
CSTP therapy pad on upper leg and shoulder
Upper leg and shoulder
CSTP therapy pad on feet and abdomen
Feet and abdomen

Operating instructions

Operating instructions CSTP

The CSTP pad has a handset with a LCD display. The time is displayed by the left LCS screen, the Cyclo-Therapy level (speed) is displayed in the right LCD screen. The CSTP pad has an electrical cable of +/- 3,5 m and is double insulated.

Timer (Time)

Before any of the functions will operate, the CSTP pad must be plugged into the mains (230V). The ON / OFF knop then pressed (fig. 3), a green LED will illuminate and the LCD display will show 0 under the time and speed.
To operate the Cyclo-Therapy, time must first be set. To select time, the upper left arrow button is pressed. Time can be set in 5 minute intervals from 5 to 60 minutes as displayed by the left display screen. To reduce or cancel time, press the bottom left arrow button.
By cancelling time, all functions are cancelled and the LCD-displays will return to 0.
Once time is set, the timer will count down in 1 minute increments as displayed. When time reaches 0 the therapy will stop.

Cyclo-Therapy level (Speed)

When time is set, the Cyclo-Therapy level (speed) can be selected. Pressing the upper right arrow button, the Cyclo-Therapy will start at minimum as indicated in the right LCD display (0 to 10 level scale). Holding the button down will slowly increase the level until the desired speed has been reached. To reduce the level, the bottom right arrow button when pressed, will slowly reduce the speed until 0 which will switch the therapy off.

Cycloid Action

When selected, the Cyclo-Therapy remains constant at the level selected.


Once the speed level selected is above 3.0, pressing the Polymodulation button will select this setting. This provides a pulsing speed action and the Cyclo-Therapy speed will rapidly vary from a lower to upper speed level setting. This provides a deeper penetrating pulse effect. Press the button again or Cycloid Action to cancel and this will return to the standard setting.

Handset of the CSTP pad.
Handset of the CSTP pad

Technical Information

230 V
50 Hz
Power motor
46 / 55 W
Range frequency speed
20 to 80 Hz
Dimensions pad
  • Length: 590 mm
  • Width: 365 mm
  • Thickness: 50 mm
3,150 kg

Spare parts

handset (empty box)
module LC ( control unit)
motor DC
motor unit
handset (complete unit)
6 wire cable with connector
transformer unit
ventilation unit
rubber matting for handset
sticker handset
deployment bag for handset (optional)